5 Tips to Winning Your First Gym Battle

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Calling all Pokemon Trainers! Calling all Pokemon Trainers!

It's officially been 2 weeks since the US rollout of the ridiculously popular Pokemon Go, and competition is already starting to amp up.

​We keep hearing reports of the local gyms becoming harder to take over on your own, as people have started to understand the role TEAMS play in the gym battles.

If you're still on the fence, we're giving you our 5 best tips to win your first gym battle:

1. Level Up Your Trainer

Pokemon Trainer Level

First off, you must be level 5 to choose a team (instinct, mystic, valor).

Once you have chosen a team, you are than allowed to battle at gyms. You can battle with up to 6 different pokemon.

The "Gym Level" tells you how many defending Pokemon you will have to defeat in order to get a "win".​

Each level adds another Pokemon to the gym. Playing in pairs on the same team makes it easier to take over your local gyms.

It will become increasingly difficult to take over a gym unless your pokemon have some lasting Combat Power (CP).

Leveling up your Pokemon to match the gym's defending Pokemon is the first crucial step you should take before doing your first battle.​

2. Understand Pokemon Types

pokemon type chart - generation 1

Stop and stare at the picture above for a moment. Screenshot it if you have too. In order to win your first gym battle your gonna have to go back to the basics. 

Keep in mind you will need to play to your strengths and choose Pokemon that will ultimately be at a disadvantage to the gym owners. Below is an example:

Do more damage (Super Effective)


Receive Less Damage (Resistance)​

Thankfully, if you're a 90's kid; nostalgia will treat you for recalling a Flareon's weakness.

All joking aside, this is an absolute fundamental thing you need to know about in Pokemon Go. You won't win without it.​

3. Tap Those Thumbs

Unlike the original Pokemon games, the battle style within Pokemon Go is fast paced button tapping & finger swiping.

In order to win alot of gyms, you're going to need a quick trigger. 

You will want to make sure your Pokemon has a strong Combat Power (CP), as well as a high Special ATTACK. ​

pokemon gym battles

How To Use Your Special Attack

When you fill your special attack bar (displayed in light blue) all the way up, you will activate your Special Attack.

In order to use your special attack, you will need to hold down the screen on the Pokemon you are attacking until the charge meter fills up (1-2 seconds).

Once it's charged, tap the opposing Pokemon again and your screen should go into a "widescreen effect" initiating your special attack.

4. Don't Forget To Dodge

Besides tapping away at your phone screen to attack, you will have to learn the art of dodging attacks if you want to increase your chances at winning battles.

If you truly want to be a #PokemonMaster, you're going to have to learn to dodge.

weepingbells first battle

Getting Fried by Jolteon's Thunder

Dodging is as simple as swiping left or right as watching when the opposing Pokemons' attack animation goes through.

When we tried it out for the first time with Weepingbell, we didn't seem to get the hang of it. 

​It takes more concentration than you might think when you're first starting out.​ 

5. Keep Battling 

Perseverance is key. If you want to take down a gym, you're gonna have to start somewhere.

Keep battling and experimenting with different Pokemon lineups until your squad comes out victorious!​

Once you have won a gym battle, you will be rewarded XP and subsequently knock down that gyms prestige to a lower level.

This is the first step to taking over the gym for your team.

win your gym

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Oh ya, I almost forgot to mention.......


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