Geodude Spotlight Hour

Geodude is in the spotlight for the fourth Tuesday of August!

Let’s get right into the perks of this upcoming spotlight hour:

2x Stardust for Catching Pokemon

Along with a massive boost of seeing Geodude in the wild, you will also be receiving twice the amount of stardust for catching pokemon during spotlight hour.

Geodude Spotlight Hour for August 25th, 2020

August Special Bonuses

Keep in mind that there are special bonuses right now for the month of August. This includes 2x Incense duration and increased incense effectiveness.
To get the most out of your Spotlight hour with 2X stardust, we suggest popping 2 Star Pieces during spotlight hour to increase the amount of stardust collected. 

Check out our blog post for a full look of the August Spotlight Hours.

Good Luck Trainers!

Make sure to take advantage of the Spotlight hour. Be sure to show us your best catch by tagging us over on social 👇

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