How I Took Down a Level 3 Gym in Five Battles

How To Take Down a Level 3 Gym in Five Battles

So many of us have forgotten how important Pokemon types are. I covered why you need to be aware of them & plan ahead in my previous article on winning gym battles.

Today we are expanding on that knowledge by showing you some Gym Battle Tips.​ 

Preparing for Battle

Level 3 Gym

Approaching the Level 3 Team Mystic Gym

Before you start a gym battle, make sure you have enough resources to last through your battling.

Common problems include:

  • Not Enough Revives/Potions
  • Pokemon CP Level is too low
  • Picking the wrong Pokemon type

To avoid these issues, make sure you tap on the Gym to see what Pokemon you will be going up against. Keep swiping left to see all the Pokemon defending the gym.

You face Pokemon in order of Combat Power (CP). Every time you beat a Pokemon, you than face a harder one.

Here's a look at the Level 3 "Team Mystic" Gym's lineup:​

How To Take Down a Level 3 Gym in Five Battles

Brown Memorial Gym Level 3 owned by Team Mystic

In order to defeat this gym, you need to keep in mind the Pokemon types. When you start a battle, you don't have time for much of anything else. 

Choosing Your Lineup

Being mindful of the 6 Pokemon you choose can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Now that I've showed you what we're up against, here are the six Pokemon I selected to do battle:

Thunder & Lightning ( Jolteon x2 )

Knowing the first Pokemon I will be facing is a water type, I picked my two electric type Pokemon, both Jolteons; to do the deed.

Double stacking my Jolteons back to back ensures I will be able to defeat the higher level Vaporeon (1018 CP).

When the battle is 6 vs 3, I like my odds of winning.

another jolteon

The MockingJays ( Pidgeot x2 )

Pidgeot x2

Next on the list will be my highest CP Pokemon, two Pidgeots.

Even though I will be going up against a CP 1089 Hypno, my colorless Pokemon should be able to make it through.​

​Normal vs Psychic  = normal damage


By now, I should have defeated Hypno with my other Pokemon.

If I have battled well, my Vaporeon should be at full health or even waiting to be called.

Going up against a 1454 CP Flareon is no joke though.

Even though my Vaporeon does double damage, I need to have a backup.




Not my best option, but Taurus is only here as my backup. 

The most important thing I can do in picking a backup is to make sure I'm not choosing the wrong Pokemon type.

Normal vs Fire = normal damage​

Doing Battle

When it comes to Pokemon Go Gym Battles, you will need to have a quick reaction time.

You can attack by tapping on the other Pokemon, and dodge attacks by swiping left or right with the right timing.​

I was hitting Vaporeon with enough agility that it was losing CP pretty fast. I knew I was close to the kill.​

battle one
battle 1 finish him
battle 3
battle 3 finisher

As it turns out, I chose the right Pokemon to battle with from the start.

Vaporeon was able to deal massive damage to Flareon even though it was more than 500 CP lower.

Connecting on the Special Attack was crucial to taking down Flareon.

Taking Down The Gym

It took me 5 battles with the gym to knock the prestige down (I missed the 1st screenshot). 

Here's the breakdown of Gym prestige lost over time:

Battle 1
battle 3
battle 4

​Whether you are just starting your Pokemon Go adventure or already a seasoned vet, understanding Pokemon types and how they work is essential.

Here is the Pokemon Types Chart for 1st Gen Pokemon:

Pokemon Type Chart - 1st Generation Pokemon

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