Magikarp Community Day Recap

Well it’s a wrap!

August Community Day has come to an end, and Magikarp day was a success. Let’s get into itΒ πŸ‘

Shiny Magikarp Galore!

There were a ton of shinies popping up all over on Saturday. Here’s a snapshot of what I was able to get from playing.

It seems like shinies were more prevalent than most community days.

magikarp shinies galore

Magikarp Everywhere

It didn’t matter where I went. Magikarp were spawning like crazy.

magikarp everywhere

Magikarp Community Day coincided with Enigma week. It was a great to have dedicated time for Magikarp, and made raiding especially fun!

I was able to get out and do that 5-star raid for Deoxys. Thankfully, I have great friends that were able to invite me multiple times throughout the day. And i’m glad they did.

shiney deoxys

First Time’s the Charm

I was lucky enough to get a shiny Deoxys on the first try. What else can I say? I’m pretty happy with how August Community Day played out this year.

What about you? What were your favorite catches? Let us know. Tag us on TwitterΒ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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